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Welcome!  Current health information is required for your child’s yearly health record.  Please send all records via email to Saint Paul School by the first day of school.  

Saint Paul School policy allows for immunization exemptions when a prescriber has documented that a vaccine would be contraindicated for a child.

Please be aware that Saint Paul School is completely NUT FREE!  Nuts of any kind are not allowed at Saint. Paul School.  Please be considerate of others and follow this strictly enforced policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

New students (including Preschool and transfer students):

All new students must provide a copy of their immunizations and report of a physical examination dated within one year of the start of school.

Pre- K, Kindergarten, Grade 4 and Grade 7:

Please provide a copy of a physical exam with current immunizations completed within the past 12 months.  Documentation of a lead test is also required for Pre-K & Kindergarten students.


All medication must be delivered directly to the school nurse before school begins, in a labeled pharmacy or manufacturer’s container.  No student is to carry medication with them in school including nonprescription medications.  The only exception to this rule are those students requiring emergency medications, inhalers for asthma, and EpiPens for allergy.  Students must have a written order from their prescriber and permission from parents to have medications in school.

New Students or Transfer Students with EpiPens:

Parents please contact the school nurse prior to the start of school to inform the school nurse to discuss your child's allergies.  At that time the necessary forms.  Parents must provide all allergy response medicines for both classroom and Health Office. A written order from the prescriber is required.

Health Needs:

If your child has a health issue to be addressed please contact the nurse directly.

Thank you for your support in keeping your student healthy.

For questions or concerns, contact Mrs. Jennifer Henderson, RN