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  Name Title Group
M.E. Bailey Bailey, M.E. Director of Advancement
Amy Barnes Barnes, Amy Director of Academic Enrichment and Support Center
Lisbeth Bertucci Bertucci, Lisbeth Grade 1
Melissa Boyle Boyle, Melissa PK Paraprofessional
Holly Breen Breen, Holly Director of Admissions
Jackie Bruno Bruno, Jackie Art
Heather Carroll Carroll, Heather Technology
Maggie Clark Clark, Maggie Middle School Language Arts
Emily Cosman Cosman, Emily Academic Advisor
Denise DeBuccia DeBuccia, Denise Grades 4 and 5 Paraprofessional
Sheila Deitsch Deitsch, Sheila Middle School Social Studies
DART Diocese Diocese, DART
Catherine Emerson Emerson, Catherine Grade 1 Paraprofessional
Jennifer Emery Emery, Jennifer Music Teacher
Nancy Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon, Nancy Administrative Assistant
Christine Fitzgibbons Fitzgibbons, Christine Grade 5
Molly Grew Grew, Molly Preschool
Jennifer Henderson Henderson, Jennifer School Nurse
Jennifer Knobloch Knobloch, Jennifer Cafeteria Manager
Eileen Lagrotteria Lagrotteria, Eileen Grades 2 and 3 Paraprofessional
Jennifer Lightfoot Lightfoot, Jennifer Middle School Science
Brigid Lowther Lowther, Brigid Grade 2
Patricia Mariano Mariano, Patricia PS Paraprofessional
Kristine Martini Martini, Kristine PreKindergarten
Monique Melcher Melcher, Monique Grade 3
Brett Parker Parker, Brett PK- Grade 5 Spanish
Jennifer Polvere Polvere, Jennifer Kindergarten
Linda Resca Resca, Linda Parish Business Manager
Mary Snell Snell, Mary PS-3 Physical Education
Natali Taylor Taylor, Natali Middle School Spanish
Sara Kay Thompson Thompson, Sara Kay Extended Day
Kathy Wahlstrom Wahlstrom, Kathy Middle School Math
Leonard Weitzman Weitzman, Leonard Custodian
Tory Whitlock Whitlock, Tory Librarian
Sarah Williams Williams, Sarah Kindergarten Paraprofessional